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Pre-treatment Laboratories ( 3 Nos.)

– These laboratories are equipped with instruments and facilities for sample preparation and pre-treatment, to be appropriate for subsequent analysis.

– The equipment includes Rotary evaporator, Ovens, Furnaces, Kjeldahl azotometer, Ultra-high-speed centrifuge, Constant temperature water baths, shakers and magnetic stirrers.

– Apart from the above JRDC has several other laboratories that accommodate a variety of supportive facilities required for sample storage and preparation as well.

– These include laboratory fridges, freezers and a cold room which facilitates storage of chemicals and samples at specific temperatures ranging from 4 ºC to -80 ºC.

– In addition, an ultrapure water purification system, an ice generating machine, and weighing facilities with analytical balances and scales are also housed in these laboratories.

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