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JRDC is a center for water technology development, knowledge generation, and dissemination, adhering to both the local and international standards. We encourage advancement and development through integrated efforts and combined research in the fields of sciences and engineering. We are blessed with advanced state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation. At JRDC, we house and work with highly competent resource personnel that have vast dynamic knowledge in the practical and theoretical uses in their respective fields.

Our institution guarantees a safe, hands-on learning and growth opportunity that can help build capacity among the professionals. Our programs consists of a wide array of training programs, workshops and seminars that will allow you the dual benefit of experience and knowledge, which can definitely help in future career growth and development.


Training (Career Development)

The aim of the training programs is to allow for a hands-on experience in advancing in research and knowledge dissemination. Students and researchers can grow both in terms of analytical thinking and refining and advancing technological capabilities. This can help in garnering experience and career development.

  • Instrumentation
  • WSP
  • Climate resilient
  • Water Treatment
  • wastewater Treatment
  • Groundwater Exploration
  • Bottle water
  • Laboratory Practices
  • Tube well construction

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