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About Us

JRDC develops globally translatable solutions for regional water problems, by engaging diverse industrial, governmental, and community experts to apply the highest levels of science and engineering.

We provide a range of services, as research facilities, technology development, training, and knowledge dissemination and consultancy services, required in mobilizing towards a water-secure nation, in order to engage with and address evolving water challenges.

What sets us apart is the ability to provide scientific excellence to all customer’s needs while assuring environmental safety and sustainability. We prioritize sustainability, as we understand the impact on the future.

Our Vision is "To be a global partner in water research offering a platform to promote North-South and South-South dialogues"

Our Mission is “To facilitate researchers and professionals in the fields of water, health, environment and other related areas of the national interest to work together in performing advance research and disseminating new knowledge nationally and internationally.”

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Our History

In March 2015, a Memorandum of Understating (MoU) on Water Research and Technology was inked between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Ministry of Water Supply of Sri Lanka, for the purpose of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 06, which aims to ensure 100% safe drinking water supply throughout the nation by 2030.

The goal didn’t just involve combating water scarcity but also addressing water stress, droughts, and increasing desertification, and the need for protection of water-related eco-systems. Water stress affects about 2 billion and is projected to increase yearly. Another main factor was water sanitation.

The key objectives of this MoU are,

  1. to identify the possible causing factors to the occurrence and distribution of the CKDu in Sri Lanka
  2. to develop groundwater treatment methods and technologies in CKDu affected regions in Sri Lanka
  3. to develop rainwater collection and use methods and technologies in Dry areas of Sri Lanka
  4. to help the government of Sri Lanka make an integrated water supply and sanitation infrastructure development plan, integrated water resource management plan, and land use plan.

These objectives are being executed through the China Sri Lanka Research Grant Project (CSLRGP) under the Ministry of Water Supply Sri Lanka that was initiated in 2016 and from the MoU the Joint Research and Demonstration Center for Water Technology (JRDC) was established. This was constructed in an area of 5000 sq.m under the Chinese grant of Rs. 1950 Mn together with GoSL funds worth Rs. 880 Mn.

This state-of-the-art research and demonstration facility accouters over 70 sophisticated analytical equipment, using high-end technology, worth Rs. 600 million excluding taxes. In addition, it provides facilities to conduct research, training, and technology development, piloting/demonstration, and to conduct and host national and international workshops, seminars, and conferences related to the provision of clean drinking water and addressing all aspects of the health issues arising from or suspected to be arising from drinking water environment.

In an era where water resources across the world are constantly being threatened by increasing populations, climate change, and pollution, the establishment of expertise centers as JRDC is expected to enmesh the research community to effectively overcome the emerging water challenges through sustainable solutions.

China Sri Lanka Research Grant Project
China Sri Lanka Research Grant Project

The center is extending the reach of the Sri Lankan water sector through extensive collaborative research, technology development, postgraduate educational programs, training and knowledge dissemination activities, institutional partnerships in Sri Lanka and abroad while promoting water sectors’ activity.



Organizational Structure


JRDC organization structure
JRDC organization structure


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Our Team

Dr. S.K Weragoda


Dr. Madhubhashini Makehelwala

Deputy Director

Dr. Wasana Gunawardana

Principal Scientist

Dr. Ashoka Gamage

Principal Scientist

Dr. Dinushi Samarajeewa

Principal Scientist

Mr. Yohan Jayawardhana

Principal Scientist

Mrs. Rasika Weerakoon

Assistant Director (Admin & Finance)

Mr. S.H.M. Zammil

Research Engineer

Mr. Chamila Rathnayaka

Maintenance Engineer

Dr. U.K.P.S. Sanjeevani


Mrs. Chaminie Wanasinghe


Mr. Isuru Yapabandara


Mr. Lahiru Dilshan Kulasekara

IT Administrator

Mrs. Fazla Fareed


Mrs. Isurika Samaranayake

Account Assistant

Miss. Hashini Eranga Rajapakse

Laboratory Technician

Miss. A.K. Apsara Kumari

Office Aid

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