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Project Resuscitate (2021)

Sri Lanka is a country that is usually highly affected by climate change, shifts in the seasonal rainfall cause heavy floods and droughts to different parts of its region. Over the years this has affected the various industries and individuals residing in the island. Water scarcity and the lack of safe drinking water had caused decline in the crops yield as well as increased food insecurity, affecting the irrigation systems and causing an increase in chronic illnesses.
Project resuscitate aims at improving and resuscitating the irrigation systems that are prevalent since the ancienttimes, connecting through the different river basins in order to obtain effective water management and safe drinking water. This sets a step towards sustainability and engagement with water and control of water problems. The project was conducted through the help of resourceful individuals that are highly knowledgeable in the fields of water technology and sustainability. Combining with the help of international organizations that also aimed at water sustainability, the project was implemented with success.   

October 25, 2021

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