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Staff Motivational Workshop

The motivational seminar series titled “Unwind Your Mind: Cultivating Inner Peace in a Busy Workplace” was held on June 10th, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, at the JRDC Auditorium. The esteemed speaker for the event was Dr. Sayuri Perera, a Consultant Psychiatrist at the Teaching Hospital Peradeniya and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Peradeniya. With her expertise and experience, Dr. Perera was poised to deliver insights and strategies to help attendees navigate the challenges of maintaining mental well-being amidst the demands of a fast-paced work environment.

Throughout the seminar, Dr. Perera engaged the audience with practical tips and techniques for managing stress, fostering resilience, and cultivating a sense of inner tranquility. Drawing from her deep understanding of psychology and psychiatry, she provided evidence-based approaches to promote mental health and overall well-being.

By the end of the seminar, participants left feeling inspired and equipped with valuable tools to cultivate inner peace amidst the hustle and bustle of their professional lives. Dr. Perera’s insightful presentation left a lasting impression, empowering attendees to prioritize their mental health and thrive in both their personal and professional endeavors.

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