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Prof. Hu Chengzhi Leads Delegation to Sri Lanka, Advancing China-Sri Lankan Water Science and Technology Collaboration

From June 8-14, 2023, Prof. Hu Chengzhi, the Deputy Director General of RCEES led a delegation to Sri Lanka to strengthen the cooperation in water sector. On June 9, the delegation discussed important topics such as the progress and planning of JRDC with the Ministry of Water Supply Department and the University of Peradeniya. Hon. Jeevan Thondaman, The Minister of Water Supply, praised China’s positive contribution and expressed the desire for broader cooperation, emphasizing the urgent need for wastewater treatment and groundwater pollution solutions. In the afternoon, the delegation visited the Chinese embassy. The Ambassador encouraged the CAS team to enhance the capacity of JRDC in serving the Sri Lankan people.
On June 11, a seminar was held at the University of Peradeniya discussing the proposal for the second phase of the China-aid project. Prof.Hu Chengzhi and Prof. Yang Min highlighted that the second phase should maximize JRDC’s advantages. On June 12, Prof. Qu gave a speech on a Conceptual wastewater treatment plant in China in JRDC’s lecture hall, which attracted over 100 attendees. Prof. Qu and Dr. Xu, the person who constructed the plant, answered the questions from the hall.
The meetings on the final day with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health and National Water Supply and Drainage Board helped set the future work plan and cooperation direction. The visit had significant implications for promoting China-Sri Lanka water technology cooperation and received broad coverage in Sri Lankan mainstream media.

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